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WoDo 2017

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Ausg’steckt is! 2017

We will celebrate this year the 15th issue of our autumn Indoor Ultimate tournament, to be held in Wolkersdorf,

a small town near Vienna. We would like to invite you to celebrate with us!

The information you need

Teams: we have 12 slots (2 of them are reserved for Spin&Drink)

Registration deadline: 15th October 2017
The teams will be announced on 1st of November 2017

What will you get?

Playing in the Schlossparkhalle Wolkersdorf, 2 nights sleeping in the Schlossparkhalle, 2 x breakfasts, 1x dinner, 1x party

Remember the soft-mixed rule (at least 2 women on the line) and ensure that you have enough women so you qualify to play soft-mixed.

More info: http://www.spin-ultimate.net/ausgsteckt-is


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