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The Kaiser’s Finest Hat Tournament

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Dreh & Trink Ultimate turns 10 this year!

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We want to celebrate this jubilee with you in the way that our club literally stands for: Frisbee and Party! So let’s spin and drink together in Vienna at the Kaiser’s finest hat tournament!



Registered Players



On Saturday the games begin at 10 am, the player meeting will take place at 9:15 am! Breakfast is served from 8.30 am. Those who have registered for an accomodation, may appear from 19 pm on Friday.
This equipment shall you take with you for the contest:
• A pair of turf shoes
• A pair of artificial turf shoes or athletic shoes with grip
• A black (or very dark) sportsshirt. The tournament shirt is white and will be distributed at the players meeting. This means, one team will always play white and the other one in dark – like chess ;)
• cutlery and plates
• swimwear and air mattress or other inflatables.
• costume for the party! Theme: Royals of the world, unite! From Alexander the Great to Tsar Nicholas, from King Kong to Lord Voldemort.
The games, the breakfast, the dinner and the Party will be held in one place. The address is: Weißauweg 1, 1220 Vienna


♕ Jubel, Trubel, Kaiserzeit! ♕

◄ feelgood ✌ hat tournament for max. 170 players (mixed 7 vs. 7, age: 16+)

◄ located at the grounds of SV Donau (grass & artificial grass fields), one jump away from Vienna’s superlicious swimming area “Kaiserwasser” ☼✿
☛ Maps:

◄ grand anniversary party on Saturday
Party theme “ROYALS, OF THE WORLD UNITE!” All Queens and Kings, Princesses and Kaisers are welcome! Show us your crown jewels! ♕♛♚♔

◄ the players fee is 46€ and includes 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner and the team shirt
Raiffeisen Club members get a 5€ voucher for refreshments.

◄ accomodation: We can’t offer a central sleeping accomodation but we’ll help you to find a place to sleep if you need any. The tournament is held only 435m away from the underground stop “U1 Kaisermühlen/VIC” – all night public transport (at least every 15 minutes), 8 min ride to the City center.

2 responses to “The Kaiser’s Finest Hat Tournament”

  1. hari says:

    hi DnT,
    könnt ihr bitte die Bankverbindung für die kaiserliche Festlichkeit z.b. in die FB-Veranstaltung posten?

    merci & lg,

  2. Tominator (Tommy Meyer-Ortiz) says:

    Hi guys!
    I want to say a very big thank you for a fantastic tournament this year June 11-12, 2016.
    Simply awesome and a great theme for everyone.
    Loved it!
    Big hug,
    Tominator :)

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