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Sandsplash 2013


Dnt Ultimate Vienna

Tournament Sandsplash 2013
Date 27th+28th May
Place Baden near Vienna, Austria
Organizer DnT & Spin
Modus 5 vs 5 Soft Mixed Beach
Winner Catchup (Graz)
Spirit Winner Turkish Mixed

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Dreh und Trink

Best ad for Twist & Drink… ever!

Cocktails and Sun, Ultimate and Fun

On the 27th and 28th of April it was time again:
Hawaiian girls served fresh cocktails to sweaty people with sandy faces.
Exhausted people enjoyed delicious salads, toasts and sausages.
And plastic discs were thrown around in the blue sky of Baden’s public thermal bath.
The Sandsplash Tournament was held again!
This year for the 8th time and organized by “Spin” and “Dreh und Trink”!

Ultimate Frisbee Player jumping for the disc

A small step for a man…

High Spirits

The 12 teams from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Turkey created a great atmosphere and helped foster good moods on the fields. Tight and absolutely fair games provided the sportsmanship that Ultimate is known for! Surrounded by chilly music and blessed with sunny weather conditions the weekend was the perfect start to the swimming season and into summer.

Dreh und Trink- Kinder

We had proper drinks for everybody


Twist&Drinks” for free, and a DnT-Bottle throwing contest, gave proof that “Dreh und Trink Ultimate Vienna” co-organized the tournament this year.

Photo shoot

This year the players had the possibility to earn some money by taking part in a photo shoot. Wiener Linien, the operator for public transport in Vienna, needed a “happy party crowd” for their newest marketing campaign,… and got one! ;) The resulting picture will soon be seen in various magazines.

Dinner and Party

Ultimate Frisbee Player

Poor Slovenian team couldn’t afford beer glasses.

A hearty buffet at Gasthof Martinek with Lasagne, Wiener Schnitzel, Pasta etc, more than satisfied the energy needs of a hungry pack of ultimate players.

This year we had a new party location, a pub with the strange name “Tomate”. Players who still were able to move, had the opportunity to do some loosening-up exercises on the dance-floor and/or drink one or more beers.

Ultimate Frisbee Dive

Sunday morning games suck!


The players started the Sunday by ingesting a healthy breakfast, putting on some sun-cream and ignoring their sore muscles and headaches. Out of consideration for the condition of the players the Sunday games were shorter than the Saturday games, but nevertheless were tight and highly competitive.

Ultimate Players run a lot

The Finals

The tirelessly playing “Catchup” and the “Turkish Mixed” teams managed to fight their way to the finals. In the end Catchup had the edge over the Turkish team and deservedly won the 8th version of the Sandsplash Tournament.

We congratulate the tough playing “Catchup” team from Graz on their 1st rank. Big shout-outs as well to the Turkish Mixed, which traveled such a loooong way, brought great atmosphere to Baden and deservedly won the spirit prize.


Frisbee - Round up

Frisbee – Round up


  1. Catchup Graz
  2. Turkish Mixed Türkei Spirit Winner
  3. Atruc (Pilsen, CZ)
  4. Chuck Bronson Vienna
  5. Trink & Spin Vienna
  6. Soul Gringos Vienna
  7. Ultimate am See Germany
  8. Vertigo Slowenia Party Winner
  9. Prague 7 Prague, CZ
  10. Lokomitive Stoli Vienna
  11. Huskez Nachwuchsmannschaft aus Vienna
  12. Spin&Trink Vienna


Thank you to all of you for the great weekend!
Fredi, DnT

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